You’re active and enjoying life, so when something as silly as a sore toe, cracked heel, lump of hard skin, thick toe nail or warty lump appears on your foot and stops you doing what you love or wearing your favourite shoes, you hate it.

You’ve tried treating it at home, read stuff online and maybe even seen your doctor;  but it’s just not worked well enough to solve the problem and now it’s getting frustratingly annoying.

You need someone who knows a thing or two about sorting that “foot thing” to get you back doing the things you love, or all set for that super holiday your looking forward to.

Looking after your feet
is exactly what I and my team do!


I’m Dianne Ashcroft, proud and passionate podiatrist and I love helping people with foot related problems, be it in a face to face consultation in my clinic at Lane Ends Podiatry, or through free advice on my YouTube videos, the blog pages on my website or even over the phone.


I’ve Seen it All Before (so no need to be embarrassed)
With 25 years of meeting people in this job, you can be reassured that I’ve seen most foot problems, so nothing much fazes me.
I love a challenge, but what I love most, is listening to people tell me what their problem is, and working with them on a solution that gets them comfortable again and doing the things they want to be doing.

Being self employed means I’m not restricted to 10 minute time slots like I was in the NHS, I take the time to connect with people as well as treat their feet (just as important in my view).  We give free hugs in my practice too (Did you know we all need 10 hugs a day? Proven to be therapeutic, yet you can’t get them on prescription can you?)

Dianne Ashcroft Lane Ends Podiatry Warrington places I like to go Hawes


Dianne Ashcroft Lane Ends Podiatry Things I Love

  • The sound of water, be it Hardraw falls after the rain in North Yorkshire or the waves on the beach on a windy day.
  • Spending time with my family, touring the places we love in our caravan, riding our bikes to go get ice cream at Parkgate.
  • Every July when the TV box gets clogged up with daily episodes of the live Tour de France stages and the highlight shows in the evenings, my only sporting vice.
  • Cake and chocolate and a nice Sauvignon blanc, but try resist for the sake of my waistline.
  • And in case you hadn’t noticed I LOOOVE purple !

Meet Janice

I’m Janice Cooper and unlike Dianne I knew from an early age (16 years old) that I wanted to do something medical related, and even back then I realised podiatry was for me, as there was an opportunity for both employment and self employment.
This mix is exactly what I did for the first 17 years of my podiatry life. NHS work along side private practice. Then, with a young family I found the work life balance was a lot easier to manage working in the private sector, as I could chose my hours to fit round my family. Now my daughters are teenagers and more independent, but private practice is still for me.
Dianne Ashcroft Lane Ends Podiatry Warrington Dianne & JaniceI’m fortunate to work with some great colleagues, who are also very good friends.

I have known Di for 25 years, so working at Lane Ends is just like going to my friend’s house each day.
I’ve been a podiatrist now for 25 years and working in the practice I enjoy the continuity of treatment we can offer patients here. I get huge job satisfaction from making someone comfortable and playing an important part in looking after their well being and maintaining their independence.

Outside the clinic, I keep very busy at home, being married to a farmer! (As you can see from the photo.) I often joke that I go to work for a rest sometimes. Summertime is our busiest time of the year, so we usually take our holidays in the wintertime, either skiing or sightseeing and walking.

Dianne Ashcroft Lane Ends Podiatry Warrington Janice at home on the tractor

Janice Cooper Lane Ends Podiatry Things I Love



  • Dogs & Cats – you can love both
  • Chocolate
  • Slimming World – for teaching me motivation and discipline
  • Walking
  • Harvest time – although it can be stressful
  • My family – although they can be stressful too 🙂




So that’s us
If you think we are the Podiatrists to help you
Please just call us
We are waiting to help you

01925 722577