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Annual Podiatry Conference, Liverpool

Annual Podiatry Conference, Liverpool

Hello PottyPurplePodPeople,     So what did I bring back for you from the Podiatry Conference in Liverpool? I’ve been reflecting on this years annual Podiatry Conference,  which was in the lovely city of Liverpool this November. (it moves between 4 different cities in the UK) Going around the trade exhibition is something I always […]

Bringing an idea alive, Communimation me...

Bringing an idea alive, Communimation meets PottyPurplePod, fun story

Bringing an idea alive with Communimation help The fun story as to how Communimation (Asher Oliver) met the PottyPurplePodiatrist (Dianne Ashcroft) and how this animated creation came about. Who is Asher Oliver? Chief creator at: Communimation, animated digital marketing Before August 2016, I’d never met or heard of Asher Oliver but I saw the parody […]