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Swift®: Frequently asked questions about

Swift®: Frequently asked questions about our new verruca treatment

Frequently asked questions about the new Swift® verruca treatment:- Will Swift® hurt? I’m going to be honest here, Swift® does sting, a lot, but only for 2-3 seconds and unlike cryotherapy (freezing), it stops immediately after the probe timer ceases delivering microwaves. Is Swift® the only verruca treatment you are offering now? No, when you come to see us […]

Bringing an idea alive, Communimation me...

Bringing an idea alive, Communimation meets PottyPurplePod, fun story

Bringing an idea alive with Communimation help The fun story as to how Communimation (Asher Oliver) met the PottyPurplePodiatrist (Dianne Ashcroft) and how this animated creation came about. Who is Asher Oliver? Chief creator at: Communimation, animated digital marketing Before August 2016, I’d never met or heard of Asher Oliver but I saw the parody […]