Itchy feet are most often caused by a fungal skin problem more often known as “Athletes foot”, this can be a recurring problem as the spores which cause it can lurk in footwear, carpets and the general environment. In the video below Dr Bristow  (specialist in skin related foot problems) explains how to treat and prevent it.  Its worth treating early if you get these symptoms because if left untreated, the fungi can invade the nails eventually and it is much harder to eradicate then as nails are so much tougher than skin so creams and sprays cant penetrate to kill off the fungi.

Top tip:- treat early and preventatively

Sometimes “itchy feet” can be caused by irritation , dermatitis, heat rash or even eczema, if your not sure what might be causing yours and your worried about it, book an appointment so we can take a look and examine it to let you know what it is and how to treat it.

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