Funnily enough, more than half of the people who come to see me have more of a problem bending or getting down to see or reach their toe nails, than a problem actually with their toe nails, although often they are a little  bit thicker than they used to be.

Even I can’t get as close to my own toe nails to see what I’m doing, as I used to!

People typically say things like:

My nails have gone a lot thicker and I can’t cut them anymore

They are digging into my other toe

My nail clippers just wont cut my nail and its really awkward for me to do a proper job on them, they keep making holes in my socks!

My nail is really sore, it feels like something under it

(that, can you believe it can be a corn under the nail)

Luckily there are solutions to all of these problems, we see lots of toe nails all the time, so we are confident that whatever is bothering you about your nail, we can help you with it.

Ingrowing Toe Nails

Sometimes we get desperate calls from people with a painful ingrown toe nail, where the side of the nail is digging into the flesh of the toe. Its not always the teenagers who pick their nails who come in with this either, as some nails grow in a curved shape and are more prone to ingrowing, or someone may have damaged their nail causing it to grow in.
If your ingrown toe nail is too severe to be treated with a professional nail cut, then minor surgery may be needed using a local anaesthetic (I know it sounds a bit drastic, but its much better than suffering with a painful toe) Here is a video about it, we do this procedure here at Lane Ends Podiatry:

Dianne Ashcroft Lane Ends Podiatry Warrington whitlow thumb nail

This is actually a “whitlow” on a thumbnail (one of my regular clients asked me to look at it for her) but ingrown toe nails look a lot like this too, I was able to treat and dress this with a special dressing, the lady was so delighted to be out of pain with it immediately that she sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers the next day!


Ugly Toe Nails

Dianne Ashcroft Lane Ends Podiatry Warrington reconstructed toe nailsSome people call me and say “my nail has gone ugly,  thick, discoloured and crumbly, what is it?” this can happen for a few reasons, it could be damage from tight footwear or having to wear steel toe capped boots at work, or a sports injury, or dropping something heavy on your toe.  It could be that you have a job where your feet sweat a lot, providing the dark, warm, moist environment that fungal spores love so they colonise on the skin causing an episode of athletes foot (tinea pedis) which can then spread to the nails causing them to crumble and discolour.

If you hate your ugly thick toe nails, have no fear we have a solution, we can treat it and create a reconstructed cosmetic nail which looks and feels natural so you can get back in your peep toe shoes without feeling self conscious.

Below is another example of a nail reconstruction we did for a patient to disguise their problem toes nails. An amazing transformation & you can apply nail polish afterwards just as normal if you want to.
Dianne Ashcroft Lane Ends Podiatry Warrington reconstructed toe nails

Long Sore Toe Nails

Dianne Ashcroft Lane Ends Podiatry Warrington long nails
Some people struggle to reach their feet or find their nails too thick to cut and so they stop cutting their toenails. Unfortunately your nails won’t stop growing and very soon you will be in discomfort and going through (quite literally) your socks or tights at a rate of knots.

A professional nail cut will have you feeling much more comfortable and rescue your socks in no time.

This picture shows curved and misshapen nails, before and after professional nail cut treatment. You can imagine how difficult these would be to cut with regular nail scissors or clippers at home.


As well as cutting your toe nails and reducing them with a mechanical file, we can take samples of nail to grow in the lab to see if fungal spores are causing the nail changes so you can decide if you want to take a course of tablets or use an anti fungal paint to treat it.

So if you think we are the Podiatrists to help you with
your problem toe nails
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Janice and Dianne

Janice and Dianne