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So what did I bring back for you from the Podiatry Conference in Liverpool?

I’ve been reflecting on this years annual Podiatry Conference,  which was in the lovely city of Liverpool this November. (it moves between 4 different cities in the UK) Going around the trade exhibition is something I always look forward to. Discovering any new products available and this year I was cheeky enough to ask for some samples to do some product reviews on. 

Can I get a Conference Cadge?

Let’s face it there’s no point in me recommending something to you that I haven’t tried out myself or know someone who’s tried it and found it to be beneficial, so that’s what this month’s aim is about, providing you with some product reviews.

Before we get to that though, I have to tell you the story about how I got them.

Picture this: it’s Saturday morning, the conference has been running since early Thursday and the exhibitors have been full on since Wednesday putting up their displays. There have been at least two late evenings of Quizzes, a curry night and an official dinner party. The trade exhibitors are all getting a little weary by now as you can imagine.  

I seize the moment, they are tired and hungover from the night before.

Swooping on Hans,the managing director of Canonbury,  https://www.facebook.com/canonburyltd/

I say “Hans, I have a proposal for you; how about you provide me with three free samples of your brand new gel footsies that you’ve just launched in your catalogue and I plus two other people will trial them and compile a product review for you, how about it?” and you know what he said yes!

These are the new gel footsies, the blurb says they help with hard skin and cushioning the footMy next target was DLT Podiatry manager, Jonathan who was looking extremely tired and  somewhat hungover so,I took full advantage of his vulnerable state. https://www.facebook.com/DLTPodiatry

Taping loops?


Then, I spotted something called “Taping-Loops” on the stand, a new product to me, it appeared to be something that loops around your big toe to reduce the strain on the joint, perhaps if you are developing a bunion or something like that, I was keen to try it out.  The instructions are in German, but thanks to Google translator, I figured it out. 

“Doctors Remedy” on show at Conference


DLT Podiatry supplies are also known for the “Doctors Remedy”  range of products which includes a nail hydration moisture treatment for fragile and dry nails, this was something else I wanted to try.

So poor Jonathan , (who by this stage, looked like he needed a lie down and not be stood up for another 6 hours talking to a bunch of podiatrists) got hit by my spiel about could I please have some samples to try so I can write him a product review?

Not only did I manage to cadge one, but three bottles of the Doctors Remedy nail treatments to  trial but also a sample of the taping loop as well!  Thank you Jonathan!!

Results to follow in a future blog, after we recruit enough reviewers to help me out with testing, but I thought you might enjoy this little story of how they came about.

I look forward to sharing the results with you after the festive season.

Fight the fungus finally!

My final discovery on the last day, was the brand new fiveminutefungus test, (check out the website here https://www.fiveminutefungus.com/) this test is for you if you have ever suffered with a fungal nail infection or the problem of getting it accurately diagnosed! No more waiting weeks for a lab test to come back falsely negative (30% of them do). Why not have this new test while you finish having your feet done?  Literally it takes just 5 minutes and the results are reliable and highly accurate (97%). This means that with a confirmed diagnosis we can get you on the right treatment sooner and tackle that ugly nail once and for all!

See ya next time 🙂

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PS my learning nuggets from conference :-

  • top tip :- Do you have plantar fasciitis?   Put a pair of Crocs or similar  with a low, cushioned 1 to 2 inch heel by your bed.  Wearing shoes like this allows your foot to gradually weight bear. Stretch out the soft tissues which have been relaxed all through the night… 
  • babies or young children’s toenails can sometimes be misshapen. This can be because the toe bones are still mostly pliable cartilage.  Gradually, the cartilage hardens and becomes bone supporting the tissue above, so the funny-shaped nail can often resolve given time.