Could Reflexology be the answer to some of your health issues?  Talking to my in-house Reflexologist Jen Hurst, during world reflexology week, I was amazed at some of the stories she told me about people who she has helped.  So much so I invited her to be our guest blogger this month to share them with you too.


Jen Hurst


Jen & Dianne during Reflexology taster experience (Dianne took it literally tasting the cakes Jen Baked)


Dianne has kindly let me gate crash her website this week as her “guest blogger”!

Did you know that 24-30th September was world  Reflexology week?

Reflexology has helped me personally so much, as you’d expect, I’m totally passionate about it! Welcoming both new and regular clients for their treatments during the promotions we ran that week was wonderful.  If you missed out, don’t worry I have plans for more tempting offers coming soon.

New approaches

Holistic or alternative therapies have become increasingly popular over recent years.  Reflexology in particular, continues to be a well-liked treatment.   In the 9 months I’ve been at Lane Ends Podiatry, my loyal, regular client base has developed who love their Reflexology treatments so much that they book in for a top up every 3-4 weeks!

Foot map

Jen working on the big toe

Who does it help?

Would you be surprised to know that 60% of my clients are ladies suffering with Gynaecological problems, like pain associated with Endometriosis?
(I suffered debilitating pain from this condition myself, so I can relate only too well)
Reflexology helped me when conventional pain relief failed. The impact of that positive experience moved me to train in Reflexology and I’m  driven to help others suffering in silence like I did. Maybe I can help you?

Finding so many women suffering like this startled me and made me wonder if its the tip of the iceberg?  How many are just getting on with life as best they can, frustrated with chronic ‘women’s’ symptoms and pain? Recently Ive had a couple of ladies with  Fibromyalgia related pain,  helping them feel better has been tremendously satisfying. Conditions like this often fall between the cracks of conventional medicine and it is interesting to see how reflexology helps people with it.



Are you Menopausal?

My Menopausal ladies often tell me things like they:

“Just don’t feel right”
“Don’t feel well, but can’t pinpoint what is wrong”
“Can’t concentrate”
“Brain fog”
“Have cotton wool head”!

Not surprisingly, the 3 most common symptoms of the Menopause are poor sleep, hot flushes and anxiety.   It becomes a vicious circle with the lack of sleep leading to tiredness the next day, being unable to concentrate and generally not feeling yourself.

Can you relate to that? Maybe some of you reading this can identity with these problems only too well?  Perhaps now is the time to try something new like reflexology and see if it works for you?


Jen in action doing her favorite thing, helping people feel better.


Following a Reflexology session my ladies often tell me that they feel so much better:

“so relaxed”, “energised”, “needed that”, “fell asleep”.

So impressed was one lady, she direct messaged me describing her Reflexology experience as:

“an hour of tranquility and feeling very relaxed”.

Many tell me that they feel a lot calmer and less anxious.

Want more info?

I often post articles on my Facebook page Zen with Jen– Feel Calm, Feel Centred about case studies into different medical conditions which have been published either on Professional Reflexology (the professional Body I am registered with) or in health magazines.  Why not have a read of these?  Regular updates are also posted there regarding my offers, events I am due to work at and appointment availability.

If you would like a chat about Reflexology or how it might help you :
contact me on 07816 826320 or through my Facebook page Zen with Jen.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you experience the benefits of Reflexology.


Jen Hurst