Bringing an idea alive with Communimation help

The fun story as to how Communimation (Asher Oliver) met the PottyPurplePodiatrist (Dianne Ashcroft)


Dianne Ashcroft

and how this animated creation came about.

Who is Asher Oliver? Chief creator at:

Communimation, animated digital marketing

Communimation creator

Asher Oliver

Before August 2016, I’d never met or heard of Asher Oliver

but I saw the parody animation he did of a vivacious American businessman called Gary Vaynerchuk,
I loved it and better still, I knew Asher was in the UK, so he was accessible. Asher’s story is an interesting one to read, he didn’t start off as an animator.   Can you believe he is self taught? Bio

What happened then?

Excited about my new Swift treatment for verrucas, I set about writing a blog. Especially focusing on how it could help people like you. My problem was that whilst it was informative, to me, it felt dry and lifeless. The blog needed to be brought to life somehow.  I wondered if Asher could do a fun story for a little PottyPurplePod business like mine (Lane Ends Podiatry). Would he be aloof after working with a multi millionaire like Gary Vaynerchuk? Well, as it turns out not at all!

Asher’s contact details were on his YouTube channel, so, what’s to lose? I ask, he can say no and I will be no further behind.

I literally just emailed him with an outline idea of what I wanted and just asked!  Amazingly he agreed to work with me despite the fact he was already mega busy with other projects!! Stunningly delighted, it was amazing that almost telepathically he knew exactly what I needed for my project. (Of course he would, he has built his business on having that talent)

It wasn’t all easy though as I think I was a bit of a nightmare client, changing my mind a few times; as he sent me the drafts of the audio followed by the video content he had created from my raw material.  However he was very patient with me and I love the end result as it turns what was a pretty lifeless message into some fun Communimation.

I hope you like it as much as me.