Swift® the new microwave treatment for verruca

Swift® the new microwave treatment for verruca

Frequently asked questions about the new Swift® verruca treatment:-

  • Will Swift® hurt?

I’m going to be honest here, Swift® does sting, a lot, but only for 2-3 seconds and unlike cryotherapy (freezing), it stops immediately after the probe timer ceases delivering microwaves.

  • Is Swift® the only verruca treatment you are offering now?

No, when you come to see us we discuss all the options open to you for treating your verruca, (more information here)  including how to do it yourself at home. We encourage you to select the option which best suits your individual needs.

  • Will it definitely work?

In more than 74% cases yes the verruca will go within 3 treatments, but sometimes it may be 6 months after the last treatment that clearance is visible.

  • What about the remaining 26% that don’t clear in the expected time?

I’ve had a couple of long standing verruca cases that have needed a further course of treatment, so they took longer and more treatment, but went eventually.

I’ve also had a couple of cases that persisted despite all our efforts. This can be very disappointing but is a risk we explain before attempting any verruca treatment. Remember, just as there is no cure for the common cold or flu virus, equally there is no 100% cure for verrucae out there either, its just the truth.

  • Will it scar?

None of the people in the research group (34) experienced scarring, although it is listed as a potential risk. 

  • Can it be used on children?

I know colleagues that have used it on children as young as 6-7, kids usually have a good result pretty quickly as their immune system is more efficient than an adults. However, it is not something  I would do routinely on a child as it can be painful and it is after all, a non life threatening skin virus. Due to the potential pain involved, I’m very much guided by the child (sorry parents, your opinion takes second place) and how badly they want their verruca gone in these instances. I have met some very brave 7 year olds in my 27 year podiatry career, I’ve also met some wimpy adults, so age alone isn’t always an indicator.

  • Can I just pay for single treatments?

Yes you can take that option (but it is less cost effective than the package)  single treatments with Swift® are £195 . The package price of  £347 covers up-to 3 treatments; the research 1 shows it is likely to take 2-3 treatments over at least 16 weeks for it to work.

  • More questions?

No problem, just get in touch and ask, I’m always happy to help and give free advice whenever I can, you will also be helping others too as I will add your questions to this list.

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