Is your pesky painful verruca a pest?  Want it fixing?

verruca treatment

Been swimming? Picked up a verruca? Why not try Swift, the new microwave treatment for that stubborn warty thing?

Have a look at this video to see if Swift® could be your answer.1

Swift®, the new microwave wart and verruca treatment.  

Imagine how fabulous it would it be to finally be rid of the pain of that verruca or foot wart once and for all? It’s been stubbornly bothering you for ages despite all your attempts to get rid of it!  What would the freedom of getting back to doing the things you love in comfort be like? How about the confidence to have that foot spa treatment, or running without the pain of your verrucas bothering you, or driving your car comfortably, or lying on that holiday beach reassured that your foot is clear of that ugly verruca. How great would that be for you?

Foot Fact: Did you know? 20% of people endure the ‘pain’ of having a wart or verruca. (Kilkenny 1996)

The pain of embarrassment: –

  • You can’t sunbathe or lie on the beach comfortably.
  • You can’t use the gym facilities you love.
  • You can’t have that foot massage, reflexology or pedicure with your buddies on that spa day.

The pain of frustration:-

  • Of how many different treatments you’ve tried that haven’t worked.
  • Of how much money you have spent on it already, so far to no avail.
  • Worrying about going swimming without your plaster cover coming off.
  • The hours and hours of time you have already spent trying “stuff” on it.

The pain of inconvenience:-

  • The grind of putting treatment on daily,
  • Constantly covering it up to prevent other family members or children catching it.
  • Keeping it dry so your plaster stays in place!
  • What a pain!

Sheer physical pain!

  • Verrucas that are painful and hard to walk on, or to wear the shoes you like, or to drive your car comfortably, or sore when you go barefoot.
  • Perhaps you have pain from the treatments you have had like:-
    • cryo (freezing) therapy or.
    • acid treatment which burns the skin.

Look, you’re trying your best, but:

  • The virus is just hiding too well from your immune system.
  • The time its taking is dragging on and on.
  • The treatments you have tried haven’t worked (and there are loads of them!)
    • Bazooka gel (and other salycilic acid based products)
    • Bazooka sub zero or Wartner- home use cryotherapy
    • Occlusal, Verrugon… the list goes on and on…
    • Duct tape (we dont recommend this as it is irritant to the skin and can cause dermatitis. Nevertheless, you will still see it suggested on Google and Facebook)
    • Banana skin.
    • Tea tree oil (this is not for use directly on skin as it is irritant, again it can cause dermatitis, but people do use it despite this advice because again, they see it on Google, Facebook or other places on the internet)… yes I know the behavior..we all do it, you are not alone.
    • All the old wives tales, and myths of “selling” your verrucas and burying the coin in the garden…..look we all get desperate and try these things….its human and normal.

Let’s face it; you want it gone, now!

  • You have been patient long enough
  • You want to feel better
  • You want to look better
  • You want to find something that works
  • You want to find a solution that doesn’t hinder your life, today.

Ok, so you have done your research:-

  • checked on what you can do,
  • watched all the YouTube videos you can find,

You asked:-

  • Dr Google his opinion,
  • Your Face Book and Instagram buddies advice (because well all know someone with a horror story don’t we that they love to share)
  • Maybe you even saw your own doctor who basically told you that you have to carry on treating it at home as “they” don’t treat verrucas anymore.

So why do I think I can help you with this problem now?

Back in October 2016, I (Dianne #pottypurplepod) decided that Lane Ends Podiatry needed to be the first practice to get Swift® in the Warrington, Liverpool, Manchester area. You, our clients deserved this latest development.

Why did I make that investment, why did I think it could help you? Because the research showed it worked in over 70% cases.

Dianne Ashcroft Lane Ends Podiatry Swift

Swift, microwave technology for verruca

As a result of following the research journey I decided that you needed the benefits of Swift®, so what is it?

It is a brand new, state of the art, cutting edge treatment for your verrucas using microwave technology.

  • Reduces the physical pain within days of initial treatment. (my first client felt a reduction in pain the same day)
  • Is at least 74% effective in clearing the verruca within 3 treatments over 4 months1
  • Requires no dressings or “keeping dry” or “special measures” between treatments.
  • Requires no anaesthetic.
  • Is a fast and clean treatment, so you get back to your daily activities without interruption.
  • Can be used by most people (excluding pregnancy or anyone with cardiac pacemaker or other internal electronic device)
  • Minimal discomfort (2-3 seconds) per application.

What happens when the Swift Microwave probe is applied to the skin?

Controlled depth of Microwave tissue penetration

The microwaves penetrate the top 3mm of outer skin layer, generating heat in the water molecules to destroy localised viral infected tissue


Swift, treatment process

Swift progress over 12 weeks

Want to know what other clients have said about Swift?:-

“It reduced my pain instantly by about 70%” KF

“On a scale of 1-10, my verruca pain was a 7 and after only 4 days I can’t believe how much it has reduced already” CC

“I’d been to see Dianne a number of years ago when she saw off a stubborn verruca. Unfortunately it returned…This time Dianne introduced me to the swift verruca therapy which is relatively new to the industry. I had the recommended three treatments. Although I wasn’t confident after the last treatment (it was still there) Dianne ordered me to give it time for the immunity to kick in! She was right, 2 months after my last treatment it has faded away. What you get with Dianne and is a professional service and a good laugh! Hope not to see you soon, no offence 😉Dan Druff (pseudonym)”

How ready are you to tackle this now?

Why not have your pesky verruca Swift®ly  zapped and on its way!

What would it feel like to finally be free of those annoying, ugly verrucas on your foot? 

Imagine the freedom of finally being able to walk comfortably barefoot again.

How liberating to happily reveal your bare feet once more on the beach for that super holiday.

Or the sheer relief from the tension, worry, fear and anxiety you felt about cross infecting other family members.

What would it be like to get back to doing the stuff you love in comfort? Imagine knowing the verrucas are no longer a hindrance to walking, climbing, swimming, running, having a spa treatment or your other fun activities.

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see you soon, hugz

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  1. Bristow I, Lim WC, Lee A, Holbrook D, Savelyeva N, Thomson P, Webb C, Polak M, Ardern-Jones MR. Microwave therapy for cutaneous human
    papilloma virus infection. Eur J Dermatol 2017; 27(5): 511-8 doi:10.1684/ejd.2017.3086